Calling Star Wars fans!

Documentary film Binding The Galaxy Together wants to meet fans on a mission...

Here at SFX we've been contacted by the makers of Binding The Galaxy Together , a fan film that over the last two years has travelled around gathering interviews from Star Wars enthusiasts. They've interviewed costumers, collectors, and even some of the stars from the films, been to Elstree Studios, Celebration Europe, and also recently interviewed folk attending the open auditions for Episode VII . They still have a little left to shoot, and what they really need is two or three strong individual stories from fans who are on a journey!

Gary Mancini and Jeremy Bulloch

So, are you on a mission to complete something in the name of Star Wars fandom? If so, the Binding The Galaxy Together folk want to hear from you. You could be a collector seeking that one item you still need, or someone building a costume and seeking admittance to a group such as the 501st, a person getting a Star Wars tattoo, a group organising a themed charity event, or something else entirely. It just has to be connected to Star Wars fandom, and you have to not mind the camera crew taking an interest.

Elstree Studios

Sound like you? Email the team at with BINDING THE GALAXY TOGETHER INTERVIEWS in the header and they'll get back to you.

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