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Call of Duty WW2 is $9.99 on PS4, right now, at Walmart

Call of Duty WW2 is $10, right now, at Walmart
Call of Duty WW2 is $10, right now, at Walmart

While not the latest, Call of Duty WW2 remains one of the better games in Activision's shooter series: we gave it 4 stars. And, right now, you can pick it up for $9.99 at Walmart, which is actually less than the price of a sandwich, depending on where you live and just how fancy the sandwiches are. It's definitely $9.99 on PS4, down from its list price of $59.99 (which, let's face it, you'd never realistically pay for COD WW2), and while Walmart is currently listing it at the same price for Xbox One in the site's internal search... when you click through it hikes up to $29, which isn't quite as compelling a deal.

Call of Duty WW2 is $9.99 at Walmart (save $50)
Sure, you'd be mad to buy WW2 at $60 in 2019, but getting it for less than $10 seems like a very sensible thing to do.View Deal

While the COD WW2 online community isn't as active as it was at launch, it's still rather lively, and you do get the campaign to play through regardless of how you feel about multiplayer. We enjoyed the WW2 story here, and it compares favorably to more recent COD efforts. Is it worth $10? Yeah, it really is. Xbox owners? Really sorry - we're not quite sure what's going on here... take a look below (the image is clicky). If you don't want WW2, it looks like Infinite Warfare is going for $10 on Xbox but, yeah, that's Infinite Warfare.

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