Call of Duty: World at War cheats

Call of Duty: World at War cheats
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With these Call of Duty: World at War cheats, PC players can access all levels as well as activating God mode, noclip mode, and various other helpful powers.

Call of Duty: World at War guides

Call of Duty: World at War cheats

PC Level Select Codes

In Game Options and select "Yes" for the Game Console. Then hit the ~ key. Type in these codes to go to the level.

Devmap see2 - Play the mission Blood and Iron
Devmap pel1a - Play the mission Burn 'Em Out
Devmap ber2 - Play the mission Eviction
Devmap pel2 - Play the mission Hard Landing
Devmap pel1 - Play the mission Little Resistance
Devmap pel1b - Play the mission Relentless
Devmap ber1 - Play the mission Ring Of Steel
Devmap mak - Play the mission Semper Fi
Devmap see1 - Play the mission Their Land, Their Blood
Devmap sniper - Play the mission Vendetta

give all - All weapons
notarget - Disable AI
god - God mode
mapname - List maps
noclip - No clipping mode

Ray Gun

First off, type:
/devmap nazi_zombie_prototype
/give ray_gun
If you do this, you will get a ray gun on zombie mode (on other modes I would not know).

DS Cheat Code

From the War Room Options screen enter the following code.
Y, X, Y, Y, X, Y, X, X, Y - Unlock all campaign and challenge missions

Call of Duty: World at War tips

Nazi Zombie: Nacht Der Unton Walkthrough

Weapons: May pick anything except in the main room (unless it makes things easier in Round 1-4). Best classes are: #1.Double Barrel Shot Gun & BAR. #2.Thompson & M1897 Trench Gun. If you can, #3.Ray Gun & M1 Carbine. Or #4.Flame Thrower & Sawed-Off Double Barrel Shot Gun w/grip. Or even #5. 357 Magnum & BAR. Now #3, #4, & #5 are partly from the random weapon cache. If you die, you still have your points, your just reduced back to a pistol (unless it’s one player).

Money: Shooting gets you $100. Knifing gets you $130. But don’t waste your time knifing. Rebuilding Barriers gives you $10. Opening new areas is $1000. The M1 Carbine is $600. The Kar98k is $200 (bad weapon). The Sawed-Off DBSG w/grip is $1200, like the DBSG. The BAR is $1800. The Thompson is $1600.The M1897 Trench Gun is $1500. Grenade ammo is $200 (but each round you get two more). Opening the cabinet is $1500 and holds a Scoped Kar98k (not worth it). Random Weapon is $950 (worth it for Ray Gun or Flame Thrower).

Rounds: If you don’t buy the M1 Carbine, you should be able to go into some other place by round three. About round six, the zombies start to charge. After round five, getting a Ray Gun should be easy. In round 5-6 zombies should be coming through the wall in the basement.

Strategies: Never look in the same window. The most areas you should open is two. Rebuild every single barricade (even the wall) when your in the help room. Main Room or Upstairs, only one. Look behind you every few seconds. Revive your buddy any time you can. Switch to machine gun during insta-kill. Reload any time you can. Check for Random Weapon after every round (when past 5th round). Rebuild barricade after every round. When throwing a grenade LOOK FOR CRWLERS, they can survive a grenade. Never let your guard down with the headless walkers, they can still hit you. Use dead bodies for fire to block the zombies (if you have the Flame Thrower). With a shotgun, wait a few seconds for zombies to get in a line, then fire. Also, try splitting up, you two share half instead of all of them coming to you. Or the tag team, while one reloads the other shoots, then switch. Don’t forget your grenades.

Places: The best places to go to are the help room, upstairs in the back, or through upstairs and down into the help room. And even through the help room up to the Grenade Ammo.

Clan Tag Colorizations

Type these in the barracks for clan tag to appear that color (game must be version 1.04)

blue - clan tag will be blue
Cyan - Clan tag will be cyan
Grn - clan tag will be green
Red - clan tag will be red
YELW - Makes your clan tag yellow

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