Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's new Tomogunchi Turbo watch is a $10 upgrade over its fan favourite predecessor

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A new Tomogunchi Turbo watch has arrived to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (opens in new tab) and Call of Duty: Warzone (opens in new tab), available to purchase via new bundle found on the in-game store. 

The Tomogunchi Turbo is described by Infinity Ward as "the next generation of digital petcare", and a significant upgrade over the original Tomogunchi (opens in new tab), which let players feed and evolve their watch-based critters by attaining kills online in the first-person shooter. 

Check out the trailer below: 

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(Image credit: Activision)

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What's new about the Turbo over its predecessor? This one comes with weapon charms that will also change as you evolve your digital Tomogunchis, letting "your skunk become a bear or your octopus become a T-Rex" over time. 

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There are 14 charms over all, and bundle also comes with a number of stickers and emblems included. It currently costs 1200 COD Points on the Modern Warfare store, which is around $10/£8.50 in real world money, though you can earn COD Points through the game's Battle Pass system. 

It's possible that steep price point will eventually drop, however, as is the case for many of the bundles on Modern Warfare's ever-rotating marketplace.

And if you're concerned that Infinity Ward is releasing virtual petcare games instead of fixing a game-breaking weapon bug (opens in new tab) that's currently disrupting Warzone's competitive meta, don't worry. The studio is working on a solution, and an update should be out soon enough... hopefully one that's not too taxing on the hard drive this time, aye? 

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