Call of Duty: Modern Warfare gets NVG Infected, a new map, and a new operator

Call of Duty Warzone Easter eggs
(Image credit: Activision)

Infinity Ward is surprise-dropping a rather substantial update to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone tonight, and it's adding what sounds like an incredibly tense twist on Infected mode. NVG Infected is a new multiplayer mode that throws you into the dark surrounded by zombies, with only night vision goggles (and limited battery) to help you navigate.

In the new mode, you'll have a thermal site and night vision goggles with a limited power supply. And if that isn't enough of a disadvantage, NVG Infected uses Realism rules, so steady those shaky hands and aim for the head. And remember, the Infected can fully see in the dark.

Elsewhere, the big new update adds in some of the content from this week's delayed update, including Talon (and his dog Indiana) and the 6v6 Khandor Hideout map. Then there's Plunder: Blood Money, which adds guaranteed cash drops on all kills for the Warzone mode. There are also a ton of bug fixes, weapon balancing updates, and general quality-of-life updates. You can check out the complete patch notes straight from Infinity Ward here.

The real star of the show is definitely NVG Infected. It's something I've heard players fantasize about, and it definitely sounds like a recipe for sweaty palms and frequent bouts of screaming.

The update goes live Thursday, March 26 at 11pm PT - that's 2am ET and 6am GMT on Friday.

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