Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War gets 10 weapons adjustments in upcoming tuning update

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will get a brand new weapon tuning update next week, addressing many weapons throughout the game.

You can see complete list of all the weapons in Black Ops Cold War that developer Treyarch is planning to adjust with a new update next week in the tweet below. The update will adjust the LC10 SMG, which was added to the game with the beginning of Season Two earlier this month, as well as the AK-47u, MAC-10, KSP 45, Krig 6, and many others.

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This is the first weapon balancing update to hit Black Ops Cold War in over three months. Developer Treyarch previously adjusted multiple weapons in Black Ops Cold War as part of a mid-season update for the debut Season One earlier this year, and this time the weapon tuning update will again be arriving as part of the mid-season update.

Elsewhere in the Season Two mid-season update next week is a brand new map called Miami Strike. This update will take the regular Miami map out of rotation, but add in this adjusted version, which shrinks the map down to support close-quarters 6v6 combat.

That's not all though; the hefty Fireteam mode is getting the Golova map, which you might already be familiar with from the game's recent Outbreak mode. There's also a planned rework of Prop Hunt set to hit Black Ops Cold War, which is going to add in various new props for evading players to disguise themselves as.

Finally, there's a new map called Mansion arriving in the forthcoming update, which supports both 2v2 and 3v3 game modes. In short, there's a whole lot to look forward to in next week's update from Treyarch, from brand new maps to reworked locations, fixed weapons, and much more.

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