Treyarch teases Miami Strike map for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War

Treyarch teases Miami Strike map for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War
(Image credit: Treyarch)

A new and improved version of the Miami map is coming to Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War next week.

The reveal comes from the Treyarch Twitter account which posted a video highlighting the new Miami Strike map, coming to 6v6 next week. The map will have a new, close-quarters layout and its own 24/7 playlist, so you really can party in the city where the heat is on, all night, on the beach till the break of dawn.

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It’s only a 20 second clip and there isn’t any voice over, but Treyarch shows off the overall layout of the map alongside some stunning visuals in what looks like a surprisingly varied map. There are also exterior shots showing exposed main streets and dark alleyways, along with interior shots of an unfortunate hotel that has been turned into a warzone. With the sun shining and expensive cars littering the streets, this certainly looks like Miami beach, but it remains to be seen how well the map plays.

Alongside Miami Strike, the Call of Duty community is also expecting another two new maps next week. These are Golova, a multi-team map based in a small Russian village, and Mansion, a small scale map for the 2v2 and 3v3 games modes, situated in a mansion in Havana, Cuba.

If a week sounds like a long time to wait, don’t worry - there'll be plenty to do over the weekend thanks to the return of the Nuclear Apocalypse playlist, which features the Nuketown ‘84 and Apocalypse maps. Alongside this, the Snipers Only Moshpit playlist is returning too, so it’s 360 no scopes for everyone. This weekend also sees Treyarch running a Triple-Double XP weekend which starts tomorrow, so if you’re looking to get your prestige on for this season, now is the time.

All of these events will be running across all platforms, so you can gleefully smash up Miami beach or spend a full day in Nuketown on PS5, Xbox Series X, PC, or previous gen consoles. Note that PlayStation players get an extra 24 hours of the Triple-double XP weekend, meaning it starts today for PS4 and PS5 players.

If 6v6 sounds a bit small scale for you, enter the battle royale with our Call of Duty Warzone guide to find out the best guns, locations, and loadouts.

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