Call of Duty 3 gets five new maps

Just when you thought it was safe to wander the quiet forests and sleepy hamlets of the French countryside again, publisher Activision goes and deploys a brand new pack of maps for Call of Duty 3 that shatter the pastoral peace. Heroically titled, the Valor Map Pack hit the Xbox Live Marketplace today, bringing you a bundle of five new multiplayer maps to the tune of 10 US dollars.

To show you how much we care, we've got a pair of screens for each map- 10 new screens in all. The focus of the images seems to be the frantic, heavily populated action that online play can offer, with each image featuring a minimum of five (live) combatants. The rest are jam-packed with flag runs, blazing guns, and stuff blowing up.

With names like Wildwood, Ironclad, and Stalag 23, we can tell these maps are hoping to lure you back to Call of Duty 3 by playing up the "intense" angle. Can they be trusted? Hit the Images tab above and see for yourself.

January 18, 2007