Caine steals, Quaid has seizures

Michael Caine and Demi Moore (surely a dream team for any thievery-inclined types!) plot to rip off one of London’s biggest jewel merchants in today's first trailer for crime drama Flawless. Thing is, Caine swipes everything and Moore is left to try and not get caught. Tsk.

It’s an international trailer, so be ready for Spanish subtitles. Latino Review has the footage.

Seen it? Now check out the first trailer for Sundance quirk-fest Smart People. It’s full of Wes Anderson-style folks (including Juno’s Ellen Page, Dennis Quaid, Thomas Haden Church and Sarah Jessica Parker) in the tale of a brilliant but disconnected father (Quaid) who must deal with life after seizures.

Yahoo Movies has the trailer and a couple of clips.

Sources: ( Latino Review ) ( Yahoo Movies )