Cage is the daddy

Hollywood’s inhabitants are known for being creative when naming their kids (read: taking the piss). But surely someone in the Cage camp is talking Kryptonite? Nic’s lovely wife Alice Kim gave birth to a baby boy in New York City over the weekend and the couple have decided to call the little fella… Kal-El Coppola Cage. For those born post 1978 and with a phobia of men in tights, Kal-El was the birth name given to Superman. Obviously all of us here at Total Film are puffy with glee for the Cagester and his missus but seriously… Kal-El?!

“They are healthy and happy and it’s quite lovely,” said Cage’s publicist Annet Wolf. The couple sauntered down the aisle last year, which marked Nic’s third set of nuptials after a famously firey match-up with Patricia Arquette and a brief union with Lisa Marie Presley. At 41, Cage is 20 years older than Alice Kim, who he met while noshing at a posh sushi restaurant where she was a waitress.

Cage, who can be seen in the upcoming Lord Of War in which he portrays a gun runner who grows a conscience, also has a son from a previous relationship with actress Kristina Fulton, who you would know if you’d seen the 1998 Jon Jacobs fantasy Lucinda’s Spell… no, we thought not.

Reports that Cage’s first born, Weston Coppola Cage, is known to his buddies as General Zod have been rubbished by pretty much everyone we’ve asked. Shame…

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