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Cabela's Alaskan Adventures review

Take that, Mother Nature


  • Taking down faster prey
  • Boosting your gamer score
  • Bargain price


  • Losing your soul
  • Graphics are a let down
  • Losing your breath while walking

The Sikh temple massacre level in Hitman 2. Hot Coffee. Urinating in Conker. We’ve seen it all on Xbox, yet no one game has quite elected the same level of disbelief and horror as Cabela’s Alaskan Adventures, which encourages you whip out a rifle and fatally wound a lady caribou by shooting her right in front of her calves.

More Info

DescriptionIt's Cabela's random hunting expedition time again, and this time we're trotting around various parts of Alaska.
PlatformXbox 360, PS2
US censor ratingTeen