Busted Cheats: Week 2 - Illinois and global exclusive Huxley cheats

All of the cheat submissions you see below are completely unaltered from the form we received them in, and they're all from real people. Go ahead and check if you want (but we're not sure how you'd do that). If you like it seelast week's article, or if you think you have some cheats that you'd like to add to CheatPlanet, you can do thathere. For those of you who don't want to help us out, just go ahead and read the article (jerks).

Game: Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness
Submitted By: Poke`mon Hunter

Cheat Title: Power-saving Refrigerator
Entry Location: Phenac City
Cheat: Remember the old man with the unhealthy sandals? Well I have found the same thing with the Power-saving Refrigerator. Go to the Top-right house in Phenac City. Talk to the man inside. He says his food gets spoiled quickly. Why? Because he's got the P.S. Refrigerator!

Our clever response: Buy the new refrigerator to cut down on damaging the environment, and you end up having to throw out half-eaten pokemon at the end of every week. It seems like either way, too many little critters die. You are supposed to eat them, right?

Game: Mario Kart Wii
Submitted By: RoboJesus

Cheat Title: Michael Shumacher
Entry Location:
Cheat: In your Wii console's home menu, make a Mii that looks like Michael Shumacher.
Drive around Luigi's Circuit once in any 50cc cup with any character and use three blue shells while in last place. Now come in first without using anymore items. Finish the other 3 tracks by driving backwards. When you are at the Winner's podium, you will see Schmacher cheering. Reset without saving and open up your console. Throw McDonalds at it until you have none left. Close your console, Drop it off a cliff, and place it upside down on your floor. Play Mario Kart Wii and go to the license select screen. Everything will be black/random colours/not working but you'll know in your heart that you'll have Schumacher unlocked as a license character and you can race with him.

Our clever response: You mean we can finally unlock former Formula One and seven time World Champion Michael Schumacher? Nope, turns out it's just some guy from Illinois named Shumacher.

Game: Diablo 2
Submitted By:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheat Title: noobs
Entry Location:
Cheat: all these cheats submitted are for noobs and the people who submitted them are noobs especially the guy who mentioned the poison sword, what a joke seriously if you follow this advice quit diablo

Our clever response: Quit Diablo? You can't just stop playing. The game's only been out for eight years! We can't believe you would even suggest that before the games been around for at least a decade.

Game: Major League Baseball 2K8
Submitted By: Bob Wilson

Cheat Title: unlockables
Entry Location: illinois
Cheat: its getting me mad

Our clever response: Illinois is getting us mad too, Bobby. Here is a picture of it to the right...

Game: Huxley
Submitted By: Timmy

Cheat Title: Unlimited Ammo
Entry Location: The start menu
Cheat: X A X B Y up down A B Y RT LT X Y B LB down down left RB

**The up down left right commands must be entered with the directional pad NOT the analog stick.**

Upon entering the code above you must sing the song "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" into the 360 headset. The first verse is all that is necessary.

This game has pitch recognition software so you must be able to hit all the right notes otherwise you will have failed and will need to start over.

If you are successful in this, you will hear a "gong" type sound.

This cheat works in both the MMO and Single Player aspects of the game.

Good Luck and happy killing!

Our clever response: Are you sure you can't use the analog stick to enter the directional input? Also, what key are we singing in? Traditionally it's written in C, but we like to transpose it to E when we do our office sing-alongs.

Game: Haze
Submitted By: peter

Cheat Title: Sweet Nectar
Entry Location:
Use nectar to zoom in better when playing as mantel.

Our clever response: Yep.