Busted Cheats 3: The worst cheat submissions ever

Game: GTA IV
Submitted By: Yargonsnafel

Cheat Title: ZOMB JellyFish and Nukes
Entry Location: Far far far awy from teh MAPZ
Cheat: OK Ok take a boatz or Hellcopter and go to the ocean far far away from where u canT see the city no more, and on your map your of the map.

When you reach acertain distanc...bout 15 minutes goin you wuill see huge jelly fish in the water and 5 minutes aftr that missles will pop out from the sky and blowj you UP!!!

We Say: After testing out the alleged "Unlock Everything" cheatfrom the first pagefor Indiana Jones, we just didn't have the energy to hold the thumbstick down long enough to swim 15 min away from the island. Years of combing through cheat submissions has, however, given us a certain primal cheat-related instinct that is telling us that there are definitely giant zombie jellyfish with nukes in the water around Liberty City.