Bungie updates on Halo 3 DLC

Nov 12, 2007

Last weekBungie spilled details on three new multiplayer maps it has in the pipeline for Halo 3 and this week the developer's spoken further about the levels.

In particular, the developer's spoken of how "revisiting the object system in Forge has led to some pretty interesting creative possibilities" in the levels.

"In addition to the customization the Forge currently offers, DLC maps include the ability to place Mancannons (with varying trajectories), a couple of different sized Shield Doors and some vehicles will see a variety of tweaks", it's explained in an update on Bungie's website.

We're additionally teased with the news that there "a couple of still-secret, still-in testing adjustments and changes" for classic Halo vehicles in further news on the download content.

"To say that these changes are the intersection between hysterical and tactical would be a pretty drastic understatement", the developer continues.

"Other less risque changes coming to vehicles include environment-specific decals being applied to vehicles and certain vehicles have had their weapon systems modified so that they behave differently in multiplayer combat".

Bungie concludes its update on download content for Halo 3 with word that in the "extremely near future" we'll get specific details on what's coming - "Things are in motion and the DLC bullet train is making a bee line straight for your face."

Plus, the developerhas also detailed Heatmaps. What are Heatmaps?

"Heatmaps are the Doppler Radar System of Death in Halo 3. We're tracking encounters, weapons used and their results in a given game, collecting that data and sharing it with players visually. The key here is "the darker the red, the more frequent the deaths (or kills, depending on the parameters)."

Courtesy of CVG