Bungie recruiting army of beta testers for next project

Now that Halo:Reach is running like a well oiled Spartan machine, developer Bungie is turning its attentions to its next project and calling on a few hundred thousand brave testers to join them.

Posted yesterday at Bungie.net, the 'Bungie Beta Tester Sign-up' reads: “Today we ask you, our community, to officially put your name on the list of those willing to lend a helping hand. Service requires only a Bungie.net account and a valid email address. In exchange, we’re offering you the unique opportunity to help us continue making improvements to our playlists, features, and online community…and the potential to help us shape our glorious future.”

Listed 'missions' include playtest and usability testing at Bungie, surveying game playing habits, and Alpha and Beta testing for the studio's next game.

As to what that next game might be, Bungie isn't saying much except for the fact that it will be published by Actvision. Still, last month's rumblings from the studioindicate that the team is itching to do an MMO, and that's certainly the type of project that would require this many testers.

Not all registrants will be accepted, but you can put your name in the hat now by following the instructions at Bungie.net.

Nov 19, 2010

[Source: Eurogamer]

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