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Hardcore Gamer's IQ Test

Deviantartistshadow502thas issued a challengethat you’ll never, ever rise to. Face it, you’re just not that good a gamer… Sorry, that’s just the way it is. There’s like, maybe,a 10% chance you’ll be to name half the characters here...

Above:Click to enlarge... we dare you

If you’re the masochistic type, then by all means, click the picture toenlarge, we’re not going to stop you.Just know going in that these are among shadow502t's ridiculously toughquestions:

-Can you name all 425 characters?
-Can you name the 375 games in which they appear?
-What 2 games never came out?
-Which 10 characters appear more than once?
-Which are dead?
-Can you find 20 Fallout 3 bobbleheads?

Thanks shadow, and happy failing, everyone!

Mar 12, 2010