Bungie asked Destiny 2 players for feedback ahead of Lightfall, and boy did it get some

Destiny 2 Lightfall
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Destiny 2 has had a pretty exciting 2023 thus far between Season of the Seraph's storytelling and a surprise update packing long-awaited quality of life changes like free-for-all armor mods. Looking to keep the ball going in the run-up to Destiny 2 Lightfall, Bungie's asked the community for a "feedback roundup" to ring in the new year, and put on your surprised face because the Destiny 2 community had a lot of feedback to give.

Community manager Cozmo23 ignited this fire on Reddit just yesterday, January 11, and it's still burning at the time of writing. "Please post below with what is at the top of your list of improvements that you think need to be done to improve Destiny 2," Cozmo wrote. "We’d also like you to share one smaller QOL change too. I’m hoping to utilize Reddit’s voting here to get some additional feedback on what ideas are popular but we will try to read through as many of these as possible so please keep them concise."

"I know you could write 5,000 words on a number of topics, but just hit the high points," Cozmo added, getting ahead of the folks loading gigantic walls of text into cannons even as we speak. "Don’t get caught up on 'what counts as a small change' as we know not everyone is a dev and knows how complicated a seemingly easy fix is, just go with your gut. As always, don’t take the top-voted items here as a list of promises for changes but a reflection of the trending asks from the community." 

There is literally never a shortage of suggestions and discussions among Destiny players, but with Bungie making a concerted push here, I thought it'd be interesting to pick through some of the feedback that's already risen to the top of this post. To keep things simple, I'm just going to focus on individual comments rather than entire threads. 

What Destiny 2 players had to say

Destiny 2 Lightfall

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The current top suggestion, from ragingwolf2, is an interesting one but not something I'd expect to see rank so highly. Like many players, they'd like to see the buff and cooldown timers which currently occupy one small section of the HUD reworked. "Since Light 3.0 started, we have had too many buffs overlapping each other, not counting raid or mission-specific ones," they say. 

Next on the docket, Seansully220 says what we're all thinking: "Please auto dismantle blues after you hit Powerful cap for the season." Bungie's reduced blue engram drop rates in some activities at certain Power thresholds, but Destiny 2 is still lousy with the worthless things, and I agree they've got to go. I can barely hold all these Umbrals. 

Photodude1313 makes one of my personal favorite suggestions: "Boss damage report at the end of every encounter in a raid would be awesome." It's always seemed weird to me that you can only get accurate raid DPS breakdowns by wiping. I'd love to see how the damage looks after actually killing the boss. How else am I supposed to mock my clanmates when they deal less damage than me, the designated Divinity driver? 

Sweettech's comment basically sums up these three ideas and also suggests a godsend for fashion diehards: "Favoriting shaders." I barely ever change my look, and even I'm tired of thumbing through the shader catalog trying to find Precursor Vex Chrome every single time. 

This is an interesting one from Ryan_WXH: "Introduce a screen/location in the menus which allows you to see the featured weekly/daily things." I've often felt the lack of such a feature when hunting down Legendary Lost Sectors, and it certainly couldn't hurt other activities as long as the Director doesn't get too cluttered. 

Destiny 2 Lightfall

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ChampionSquirrel, meanwhile, is a champion indeed for suggesting a way to view all the perks that a weapon can roll without needing to rely on the likes of Light.gg. You'd think a looter shooter would be eager to show players the god roll they could get, but somehow there's still no in-game resource for this.

RangerP8303 proposes the addition of a ping system, presumably similar to the style popularized by Apex Legends, which is something I've actually reached for out of habit only to accidentally use my Super because it's mapped to my middle mouse button. I'm not 100% sure it'd be a good fit for Destiny's PvP, but as other users have pointed out, it would be a big accessibility win that would also come in handy for tagging Champions or other powerful enemies. 

ExcitingFlow882, who I can only assume is an alt account made by longtime Destiny devotee Datto, wants to see "Strike specific loot and Strike scoring." Frankly, so do I. Just this week I was chatting with friends about the bygone days of vibing out in the Strike playlist for hours. Now you can't even get me in the playlist without a hefty bribe. 

There are plenty more comments where those came from, and together they present an interesting cross-section of player expectations and wants. As Cozmo said, we can't expect all of these suggestions to make it into the game, in Lightfall or otherwise, but they're actually really good so hopefully some of them clear the bar.

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