Bungie adds details on Halo 3's "amazing" new look

Few upcoming games can create a buzz just by offering a verbal description of the graphics, but Halo 3 is certainly one of them.No one is more aware of this than developer Bungie, with their latestWeekly Updateproviding a few scant details on the look of this forthcoming blockbuster.

Surprising absolutely no one, Bungie is quite impressed with how the graphics are coming along. The short and sweet is thatthe game islooking "amazing."Going a bit further into detail, Bungie mentionshow "some of the test screenshots we took for an internal presentation, looked exactly like their concept paintings. Not just in terms of scale or detail, but the actual color palette. It’s rich and vivid and full of life." We can only imagine this is what it was like listening to the radio before TV was invented.

For those seeking more concrete details on Halo 3's graphical presentation, a previousBungie Update delves deeper into the technology, going so far as to use terms like "glass shader," "windy turbidity" and something about "plants actually self-shadowing."

For now, we'll have to take Bungie's word for it, but we'll certainly let you when we get some new screens. If you're late to the Halo 3 hype game, why not point your mouse in the direction of the Images tab aboveto see any screens you may have missed?

March 20, 2007