Bully - hands-on

Our hands-on ended with a bike race against the super-proud greasers. They think they're unbeatable, so naturally, we had to grab a bike and prove 'em wrong. Pedaling is done by banging on the X button, while the shoulder buttons cycle through whatever weapons we happened to still have from earlier missions. Lobbing eggs, stink bombs, even throwing punches was fair game in this race through the back alleys - our only concern were the slightly swoopy bike controls, which, as you might expect, handled a lot like riding a bike in GTA.

Aside from these major plotlines, there are tons of side-missions at your disposal. One hulking young girl we came across was whining about losing her chocolate, but it was all up to us if helped her out or not. Just for the sake of it, we did, and found some kid who'd taken the goods. One face-in-a-sink later, we had the candy in hand and were (sadly) rewarded with a sudden makeout session with the towering, brutish woman-child. But hey, it recharged out health, so score.

Bully's not what everyone - particularly its detractors -thought it was going to be. The violence isn't outlandish, the characters perfectly fit any high school parody out there and the music would make Danny Elfman proud - simply put, there's a lot going on and plenty to check out when it ships in October.

Brett Elston

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