Bully - hands-on

Another layer to Jimmy's day-in day-out activities is the idea of respect. Like any school, Bullworth's got jocks, preps, greasers, nerds and brainless bullies. Help out one group and you might instill the fury of another. Even the nerds can foul up a mission later on if you cross them, but you can't exactly please everyone all of the time, can you? If you want, yeah, you can be a total jerk and rip wedgies out left and right - but it won't win you many allies. And making friends is what school's all about, isn't it?

One of the first missions we went on had us sneaking into the preps' lavish dorm area, with a mind to snuff out a rare plant (because your biology teacher can't stand the competition, naturally). To get into the atrium, however, we've got to look the part, and Jimmy's buzz cut and in-your-face demeanor don't exactly scream "refined individual."

So we first have to hit our own dorm room to change clothes. You unlock more outfits by completing random tasks or taking them out of lockers. There are even holiday-specific clothes that change with the seasons, along with the entire Bullworth campus (our dorm was laid out with Halloween decorations, for example). Once the prep-approved vest was on, we had to sneak out of the school to get a smooth new haircut.

As large as Bullworth is, you've still got a whole outside town to explore. We hopped on a ditched bike and rode across a bridge into the streets, where patrolling police officers can apprehend you and punt you back into class. After sneaking into the barber, we chose our stylish new 'do and made it back into the prep's dorm. After we grabbed some poison (which was suspiciously located right next to the plant) and offed the offensive fly trap, one of the preps tackled us right into the floor. Dude, it's on.

Brett Elston

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