Bullet Witch gets UK release

Friday 11 August 2006
Bullet Witch, the explosive Xbox 360 shooter developed by Japan-based Cavia, will definitely be released in the UK now that publisher Atari has snapped up the game.

Bullet Witch is set in a nightmarish futuristic vision of Earth, where mankind is under threat from an invasion of demons - you know the kind of thing. Just when it seems all hope has gone, up pops a witch called Alicia.

Rather than riding a broomstick and living in a house made of gingerbread, Alicia is the type of witch that carries a huge gun to splatter demons. She also has a few magic tricks up her sleeve to help her out of tricky situations.

No official release has been confirmed but we expect Bullet Witch to be released some time next year.

Above: Alicia can combine her powers with her sharp-shooting