Bugs hold up Calling All Cars!

David "God of War" Jaffe's downloadable PS3 game Calling All Cars! won't be available this week as previously thought, due to issues with the game code. According to a forum post by Jaffe made yesterday, the game's release has been held up "as two very key bugs were found at the last second."

SCEA spokesman Paul Murphy had a different view, however: "How is there a delay if there's no official launch date?" he said, adding that the previously perceived May 3 release date came from an earlier post by Jaffe, not from the company itself. "He was incorrect in his assumption," Murphy said.

In his post, Jaffe added that fixing the bugs allowed the dev team time to "go back in and fix the issue (or what we think is the issue) that IGN had with the magnet. We are back in format q/a at the moment and we'd all be stunned if it did not sail through...but we've learned to keep our mouths shut on it so as to not get people's hopes up and then let them down."

The two major bugs discovered, Jaffe said, were associated with voice chat and hosting a network game.

Calling all Cars! features a cartoon-esque visual style and, in a nutshell, involves you driving around in a car and picking up escaped prisoners and returning them to jail. The snag is that you're not the only driver on this operation and can be up against AI and other players. The game features some crazy power-ups.

May 2, 2007