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Bruckheimer wants a Shattered Union

Aiming to keep the Bruckheimer pipeline pumping movies into its schedule, Disney has commissioned his company to adapt post-apocalyptic video game Shattered Union.

Changeling's writer J Michael Straczynski is the man they've tapped to figure out the script, which will roughly follow the game's plot of an America stunned after Washington DC is destroyed in a nuclear attack.

In the resulting chaos, several states secede from the US and create their own governments, which then go to war against other rebel organizations.

Players in the game get to take control of one of the rogue states, including the California Commonwealth and the Republic of Texas. Oh, and there's also the European peacekeeping force aiming to reunify the place.

Straczynski is a writer in demand at the moment, having penned one of the World War Z drafts, a Forbidden Planet redo, a Silver Surfer adaptation for Fox and a hasty polish on Warners' Ninja Assassin.

[Source: Variety ]

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