Bruce and Damian enjoy some family time while tackling the mystery of Shush in Batman and Robin #1

Batman and Robin #1
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The Dynamic Duo are back once again with a brand new Batman and Robin comic coming in September from DC. 

Written by Joshua Williamson and drawn by Simone Di Meo, the new series will focus on the relationship between Bruce and Damian Wayne as they try to reconcile their roles as superheroes with their lives as father and son. Bruce, especially, wants Damian to develop as a teenager - something that may prove hard for the young assassin turned crime-fighter. 

As well as battling the usual rogues' gallery - Williamson has teased that Killer Croc and the Terrible Trio will feature in the series - Batman and Robin will face a new villain in the form of Shush, a female counterpart with a mysterious connection to classic Batman baddy Hush.

You can see several pages of unlettered art in the gallery below.

DC's official solicitation text for the first issue reads:

"Father and son. Bruce and Damian. Batman and Robin.

From Batman vs. Robin to Knight Terrors, a lot has happened to the Dynamic Duo, but now they are back together and ready to fight crime in Gotham - just in time for Batman's most monstrous rogues to team up to turn the city into an urban jungle! A new villain watches from the shadows, intent on revenge, with a plot to turn one of Batman's greatest assets against him!

Can Damian help his father solve the case before it's too late?"

Check out Simone Di Meo's action-packed main cover, plus several variants, in the gallery below. 

There have been five Robins in mainline DC continuity to date, starting with Dick Grayson, who now operates as Nightwing. 

Dick's replacement was Jason Todd. DC created a phone-in poll to determine the fate of the second Robin and, by a slim margin, it was determined that he should die! The character met his fate in 1988's Death in the Family arc, though he has since been resurrected and fights on as Red Hood.

The third Robin was Tim Drake, introduced in 1989's Batman #436. He was a witness to the death of the Graysons and quickly managed to suss that Bruce Wayne was, in fact, Batman.

Stephanie Brown was the fourth Robin. The daughter of Cluemaster, she has also been, at various times, Batgirl and The Spoiler.

You can find out more about the history of Damian Wayne in our guide. We'll be seeing a lot more of the character in the coming years as he is set to be a part of The Brave and the Bold, an upcoming movie focussed on the adventures of Batman and Robin set in James Gunn and Peter Safran's new DCU.

Batman and Robin #1 is published by DC Comics on September 12.

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