Browncoats Redemption Premiere at Dragon*Con

Blogger Laura McConnell is at Dragon*Con where Browncoats: Redemption premiered - but with the power of the internet, everyone can join in!

As I sit here in the Atlanta airport waiting for friends to arrive for Dragon*Con, I can't help but be excited for the upcoming Nerdi Gras. I love attending panels, seeing old and meeting new friends, collecting autographs, and cosplaying. I like to take pictures of unique and cool things one only encounters at places like this, and I can't wait to see what this year's Dragon*Con has in store for me.

But one thing nags me about Dragon*Con this year. One thing stands out as something left unfinished and unsaid. That something is Browncoats: Redemption , and that something needs remedied.

See, way back before the shiny new SFX website, I blogged about this fan film. Well, to be more precise, I tried to uncover the secrets of the underground film being made right in my nation's capital. I managed that, but like all good government exposes, it was soon buried and lost to the ether of internet sites gone by.

Not to be outdone by cover-ups and hush money, I've been tracking down more information on this film. To be honest, it wasn't that hard. Browncoats: Redemption has come a long way from its origin as some crazy idea cooked up as a "what if?" scenario and was billed as a fully-fledged Dragon*Con event. It had a main time slot and is featured on the Dragon*Con main page. That's right, at 7 PM on Saturday, 4 September 2010, Browncoats: Redemption premiered in the main ballroom of the Westin Peachtree Center hotel in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

It seemed every Browncoat at Dragon*Con attended this stellar event! But what about all those Independents who didn''t make it to Atlanta?

Have no fear! Internet streaming is here! That's right. Browncoats: Redemption will be streamed online at this site . You can watch the entire feature, including some cameos from several Big Damn Heroes, from the comfort of your own home! It's being streamed online for 48 hours, which means it'll be on the site, and the Facebook page , until today (6 September) at 7pm EDT.

So whether you're still in Atlanta or across the pond, come on out or pull up a chair for Redemption! If you like what you see, consider buying the DVD either in person at the con or online here . You'll get a shiny new Firefly-related film, and you'll be helping out some worthy charities to boot! (Remember, all proceeds from the sales of Redemption DVDs go to the Al Wooten Heritage Center, the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Charity, Kids Need to Read, Equality Now, and the Dyslexia Foundation.) Oh, and I have it on good authority that fan fiction based on this film would not only be allowed, but quite heartily encouraged, so if you're so inclined and the plot bunnies start nibbling once you see this film, get writing!

This is a personal article by blogger Laura McConnell. Will you be watching Browncoats: Redemption ?

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