Brothers in Arms deployed

The more expansive areas mean you need to think carefully and plan your movements with caution. A squadron of planes flew overhead, under fire from a flak-gun close to Baker's position. By scanning the horizon for tell-tale puffs of flak exploding in the air, we saw how you can pinpoint your objectives - the flak-guns tormenting Allied air-support - and begin advancing to the right position.

Since the squad was undetected, Baker's instructions were issued in a hoarse whisper as he directed his boys down an alley and into a series of backyards. We couldn't see any purposeful boundaries to the level - as mentioned earlier, you can vault small walls and fences - although there's certain to be a limit to the area you can explore. As it was, though, Baker's company didn't seem to follow any sort of signposted path, and on more than one occasion were presented with a few choices for advancement.

Above: Hell's Highway's hugely expanded levels challenge and encourage you to flex your strategic muscles

Attacking the flak-gun offered similar options - flank through the gardens behind the gun's position, attack from the front, pincer from both sides... Hell's Highway's hugely expanded and organic-looking levels challenge and encourage you to flex your strategic muscles in so many ways it can be a little dizzying. But we wouldn't want it any other way. Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway is finally fulfilling the potential of this excellent squad-based series, and you can chalk up another - real - next-gen experience this Christmas.

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