Broken Age: Act 1 walkthrough

Vella - Sugar Bunting 

Wake Vella up by clicking on her and follow her sister into the house. Granny points out that Vella isn’t even decked out in the appropriate outfit for the Maiden’s Feast yet, but who cares when there’s a giant cake that needs eating? Unfortunately the gorge fest is put on hold because some silly bugger has only gone and lost the ceremonial knife. Time for Vella to spring into action!

If you want to have a natter with Granny about the Maiden’s Feast and what exactly Vella has been chosen for, do so now, although if a young woman is selected as a representative for any kind of festival that has the word ‘maiden’ in it, we can safely assume she’ll dipped in some kind of marinade and tied to a giant rock awaiting the arrival of a hungry, 30ft beast before the day is out. When you’re ready, walk over to the bottom of the screen to the purple towel draped over a plate, then pick up the towel and one of the scrumptious looking cupcakes hidden underneath.

It’s pretty obvious that Grumpy Guts Gramps is hiding something so tempt him with the offer of a cupcake in the dialogue options, then drag it over to him from your inventory and offer to split it with him. Then take the knife from the table and hand it over to Vella’s mother, who will wave away the idea of not handing over her daughter to be eaten by the monster that’s popping by for a visit and a snack later.

With the Maiden's Feast underway, talk to the fellow sacrifices to prompt the next cutscene and after the first girl is unceremoniously tipped down Mog Chothra’s gullet, Vella now has the opportunity to escape. Talk to the girl in blue on the right who will temporarily trade her drink for Vella’s corset before reneging on the exchange.

Talk to her again to get the bottle of water for keepsies then hand it over to the girl in yellow on the left, wait for it to douse her and exchange the towel for the drumstick, which will attract the bird that’s been hovering around above the maidens. Drag the corset from your inventory onto the bird and use the knife to have Vella cut herself out of the dress and fly toward freedom!

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