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Broken Age: Act 1 walkthrough

Shay - Mission Control 

After being roused from slumber and washed a bit too thoroughly by the ship’s computer, your now extremely clean tush is ushered into the kitchen and presented with a delectable array of breakfast cereals. Pick whichever takes your fancy (although frankly you’d be mad to pass up on Choco Rockets), pick up your spoon and chow down. If you want to listen to some funny dialogue, leave the spoon untouched until his bout of gushing is finished. Your morning munching is soon interrupted by the ship’s emergency alarm. To the bridge Captain!

Once settled in front of the highly sophisticated console, complete with squeaky steering wheel and deluxe mobile, and bearing witness to an exchange that will probably have Shay shelling out thousands on therapy in the not-so-distant future, work your way through the available missions but (and this is important), leave the runaway train for last! Let’s start at the top by rescuing the avalanche victims.

Upon arrival, a couple of cuddly critters are up to their armpits in the fallout of a not-so-deadly ice cream avalanche. It’s Mr. Spoon’s time to shine--select it from your inventory and get to work on gobbling up all of that sweet strawberry ice cream. It’s only a shame that they weren’t standing a few feet over in the path of the mint choc chip… A quick cutscene and a nourishing lunch of brown paste later, Shay is back at the helm ready for the next mission. Let’s defend the Friendship Circle!

Someone has been playing silly buggers again as Shay’s investigation leads to the truth about the attack--it’s a surprise hug attack! Yay… After surviving the woolly onslaught and an equally traumatic dinner of a broccoli pill, suit up and head outside of the ship to confront whatever is on the hull.

Head to the right and watch the homage to the greatest sci-fi franchise of all time (if you forget about the last one and all of those terrible cross-overs). Watch Shay wrestle the deadly tentacles off his helmet to discover it was only some rogue ribbon attached to a present from the computer. When you finally get to open it, you’ll get a Grabbin’ Gary robot. Time for bed!

A new day dawns and after playing cereal roulette once again, head off to stop the runaway train in System 7. Pootling along aboard the tiny train in yet another faux emergency, you can either lower the bridge, thereby ‘completing’ the mission only to find that Shay is apparently stuck in a groundhog day of pre-planned adventure, or put an end to this charade one and for all. Let’s go with the latter. If you want to indulge in being a hero, you can finish this mission off the ‘right’ way and when you’re ready to move on, select it again to break out of the loop.

Click on the snoozing bridge man to get him to lower the bridge. Rather than letting the train chug along to safety (a questionable concept, when ‘safety’ involves entering a giant mouth), click on him again to tell him to go back to sleep. Watch as Shay and his carriage of passengers plummet onto the spongy spikes below, prompting the appearance of a shady canine figure that leaves Shay with a screwdriver before disappearing as silently as he arrived.

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