Broken Age: Act 1 walkthrough

Shay - Taking Control 

That fake snoring malarkey seems to be working like a charm! Meet with Marek via the vent and work your way through the dialogue options to obtain the Prima Doon space chart and the Omicron Inhibitor. Go through Space Weaver’s Navigation Room into the hall to initiate a cutscene with the ship’s computer and for additional dialogue options with the AI mother, pop up the stairs to flesh out more backstory.

Go through the yellow door on the left of the screen, up into the kitchen and swipe the knife lying near the bottom of the screen. If you were to continue down the corridor to the left, you’d find a locked door and Shay’s bedroom so go back through the yellow door to the bridge and to the right side of the screen where there are two more doors.

Go through the blue door and then enter the double doors to find the ice cream avalanche scene from earlier and Shay’s yarn pals enjoying some downtime. Stop for a natter if you so desire, then pick up the whipped cream gun to their right and leave the room.

The next door along is the Friendship Circle mission room. Help out Shay’s yarn buddy by extricating the crochet hook from its back, then go back into the corridor and through the red door at the end. You can take a detour into the runaway train room if you like but there’s nothing of necessity in there. Enter the door that’s clearly shirking its duties and teleport to the Nexus while picking up some vital info about the nature of physics and head shrinkage.

Use the red teleporter (shrinking your head down another notch) and you’ll enter the junk room. Click on baby’s first hazard suit to acquire the suit and helmet then crawl through the vent on the right into what appears to be Marek’s quarters. Poke around as you wish then exit through the door on the right to find Marek’s control room, but ignore him and head to the Navigation Room to speak to Space Weaver.

We already know the old goat won’t take Shay to Prima Doom, so choose the Cozy Cluster, then hotfoot it down the ladder and use the crochet hook on the NavScarf to create the Prima Doom pattern from the Prima Doom Star Chart like so...

Exit to the left and take the green door we haven’t been through yet which leads back to the Nexus, then leave via the yellow teleporter. Shay’s head will now be bordering on the verge of miniscule. Head down the corridor and another AI will insist on stuffing Shay into a radiation suit--but the helmet is missing. If only his head were tiny enough to fit into that baby helm--waaaiiit a minute! Open your inventory and drag the baby helmet onto Shay.

You can now guide Shay through the blue laser door and into the Fusion Orb Containment Room. Pop the Omicron Inhibitor onto the orb, go back to the Nexus (whereupon Shay’s head will balloon back to its regular size) and take the blue teleporter door back to the runaway train mission corridor. Leave the corridor via the double doors to the right and make for the airlock.

Drag the compressed air tank and whipped cream gun onto Shay and then use the knife to sever the oxygen pipe anchoring him to the ship. If you cut the hose before affixing the compressed air tank, Shay will pass out from the lack of oxygen, be retrieved by the computer and brought back to consciousness with an Easter Egg--the smelling salts from Psychonauts! Click above Shay’s head to launch off from the hull and using the mighty propulsive power of whipped cream, manoeuvre to the left, up and over the antenna, to the Boom Arms Manual Control. Pry open the hatch using the knife, then bust out Grabbin’ Gary and insert him into the now open hatch.

Time to report back to the not-at-all-suspicious Marek and save some more space creatures! Take your time as Marek won’t interrupt you for once. When you’ve completed the rescue, watch the final cutscene unfold. You will now be transported to Vella’s sunny hillside snoozing patch to begin her story.

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