Breaking up is a killer

Brad and Angie had Mr and Mrs Smith – complete with perfect poses, chiselled cheek bones and a supposed onscreen heat. Now it’s Vince and Jen’s turn in The Break Up – all slouched shoulders, fearsome rucks and X-Box marathons.

For those who are waiting for Jennifer Aniston to make her defence as a bona fide movie star, this could just be Exhibit A.

Jen and Vaughn play a couple who run out of steam after two years of living together. With neither of them wanting to walk away from their spanking condo, they decide to live together as roomies. Click here to get a snifter of comedy gold.

Moving on to a woman whose mother never taught her to sit properly - Basic Instinct 2 sees Sharon Stone return as Catherine Tramell and from the look of the trailer, she hasn’t changed any of her habits in the last 14 years.

In trouble with Scotland Yard, novelist Tramell is having a pre-trial assessment from psychologist Michael Glass (David Morrissey)… if only there was some way she could sway his testimony.

Click here (before you eat dinner) for the trailer.

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