Breaking! Two amusingly-shitty games about girls fighting

You know, we try really hard to push the idea that all gamers are pubescent pillow-humping imbeciles. It isn't always easy, but the reward ofirritating Very Serious Gamers is worth the effort.But lately... well, we haven't really had to do anything. It's hard whenthe industry is making fun of itself better than we could ever hope to. Casein point: two trailers which graced our inboxes this morning.

The first is for an iPhone game called Pillowfight Girls Episode 1. Apparently they intend to make a second episode, because one round of horribly animated girls slapping each other's squishy parts with feather bags isn't enough. This seriously looks like a TIGER game, only in color, and designed by a 6th grader who thinks National Lampoon is the height of culture.

The second is... this.Warriors of Elysia (opens in new tab), the sequel toBikini Karate Babes (opens in new tab) (srsly), is as dense as a neutron star with "Whaaa-haaa-haaaaaaa-hooo-shii-whaat?" It's like Mortal Kombat, kind of, only with a bunch of girls fighting poorly and falling over a lot. Apparently the games were created to "poke fun at the state of fighting games of the day." Right, it's all a joke... sure. Joke or not, creating something like this takes real commitment:

The games have developed astrangely devoted cult following (opens in new tab), which makes us feel like we're not in onsome larger joke, but we imagine that the larger joke is probablythat there is no joke. They just love it. Well, good on 'em.We can't claim to understand it, but we can look at some choice screen grabs:

Above: Waaaaaaaaaah!

Above: Does my womanhood intimidate you?


Above: What.

May 25, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer