Brad Pitt joins Oobermind

DreamWorks' superhero spoof 'toon Oobermind is adding castmembers and losing one - with Brad Pit, Jonah Hill and Will Ferrell joining and Robert Downey Jr dropping out.

Ferrell will replace Downey Jr as the central voice of a supervillain who figures life will be sweet once he defeats heroic sort Metro Man (Pitt).

But in reality, he ends up bored with the situation, and creates a new rival, Titan (Hill) to take Metro's place. Trouble is, Titan longs to be bad, so Oobermind has to switch sides to keep the conflict alive.

Covering all of the increasingly confusing cape-changing is Tina Fey's reporter.

While we realise that Downey Jr is loading his acting plate, we're not quite sure why he couldn't squeeze in the recording sessions for the movie - it's not like you can't do them between other jobs. Still, Ferrell's not a bad alternative...

Either way, the new film will be out in late 2010.

[Source: Variety (opens in new tab) ]

Excited for the 'toon? Or will it be a poor shadow of The Incredibles? Speak!

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