Brad Pitt decides to Burn After Reading

We know George Clooney and Brad Pitt love working together – the Ocean’s movies are enough evidence of that. We know Clooney loves the Coen brothers. And we know Pitt has long wanted to work with them, getting close with their ultimately ditched film To The White Sea.

So the idea of Pitt joining Clooney on his latest venture into Coen land has us imagining everyone getting together in a massive hug and then sending out for lashings of jelly and ice cream. Because he’s been added to the cast of Burn After Reading, the latest black comedy from the talented filmmaking twosome.

Burn’s exact plot is still a matter of secrecy, though we do know it concerns a CIA agent who loses the disc of the book he’s been penning, which naturally has rather nasty security implications.

Frances McDormand has also joined the cast in an entirely unshocking development considering she’s married to Joel Coen. With Joel and Ethan performing the usual scripting chores, Joel will step behind the camera in late August.

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