Borderlands: Pre-Sequel's Claptastic Voyage trailer is way Coolio

It would have provoked some kind of international incident if this trailer for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel's Claptastic Voyage DLC didn't lean on Coolio for its backing track, so let's all forget about what an obvious choice it was, sit back, and take it all in.

Here we are, watching a promotional video for an expansion to a first-person shooter / RPG hybrid, listening to the platinum-certified '90s rap classic "Fantastic Voyage" as heavily armed, computer-animated cartoon characters make snappy observations and shoot at each other. What a world! What a time to be alive!

You can embark on your own Claptastic Voyage on March 24 in North America or March 27 elsewhere, on its own or as part of the season pass. You can even give it a try on PS4 and Xbox One, since Borderlands: The Handsome Collection includes all of the Pre-Sequel's previously released DLC.

If you manage to survive in the harsh conditions of Claptrap's unstable noggin, you'll be rewarded with new glitched weapons to try out as well as the customizeable Mutator arena. Outside his awful little mind, the bundled-in Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2 adds 10 new levels and skill points for characters to collect.

Connor Sheridan

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