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Borderlands 3 teases campaign DLC 4 starring Krieg in bizarre tweet

(Image credit: 2K Games)

Borderlands 3 will reveal its fourth campaign DLC on August 25, according to a bizarre tweet featuring the former Psycho - now Vault Hunter - named Krieg.

In the video, Krieg is in a meditative state, legs crossed in the cliché zen pose as he floats in a space of serene colors and ambient noise. His less calm side quickly creeps in however, shattering the serenity with bright colors and jagged shapes. The shifts between his "zen" state and his "wild" state quickly gain speed, rapidly changing between them before he screams "Perfect!" Looks like he found his balance…

Borderlands 3's fourth campaign DLC will see you working with Krieg, perhaps to help him find his ideal balance by traveling through some of his memories, which may be represented by what breaks into his meditative moments in the teaser. Krieg is somewhat of a fan favorite, so I'd tune in on August 25 to get more details about the upcoming DLC if I were you.

The last DLC, Bounty of Blood, went live at the end of June, taking players on a Western-style bounty hunt on the desert planet Gehenna. It also added a new JetBeast hoverbike that you can customize with machine guns and mortars, plus a host of new missions and challenges. 

All four of the Borderlands 3 DLCs are included in the season pass, but they can also be purchased separately. Check out the Borderlands 3 patch notes to keep tabs on updates and bug fixes.

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