Borderlands 2 ships 6 million in 2012

Borderlands 2 shipped more than 6 million units in 2012, Take-Two reported today. Add in the less-specific-but-still-heartening "commercial success" of XCOM: Enemy Unknown and continuing strength of NBA 2K13, and it looks like the publisher had a pretty good third quarter.

The Gearbox-developed shooter-RPG hybrid is considered one of Take-Two's most important long-term properties. The game released in September as part of the publisher's second quarter, but its continued sales as well as those of its continued DLC made it one of its strongest performers.

XCOM was also one of Take-Two's three strongest contributors this quarter, and Take-Two said the game enjoyed "particularly successful digital sales." Also, remember that other XCOM game, the shooter? 2K Marin is still working on it, despite being revealed years in advance of its strategic cousin, and it's planned for release in fiscal year 2014.

Overall, the publisher's third quarter net revenue was up by more than three quarters year-over-year to $415 million, though its net losses grew fourfold to $71 million.

Connor Sheridan

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