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Bond 23 production stalled

The current sale of film studio MGM, who hold the rights to the entire James Bond series, has apparently resulted in a delay to 007’s next big day out.

After speculation earlier this week about the as-yet-untitled new Bond film’s status, producer Michael G Wilson has waded in to give us official word on the production.

Wilson told Total Film: “Our timeline's a little up in the air what with the situation at MGM, so we have to be flexible. We just don't know enough about the situation to comment, but we know it's uncertain.”

So just how far into production are they? Well... “We've hired the writers and we've been working with them but it's just too early to say anything. You know, often at this stage, I find myself saying, 'Oh, we're gonna do this and that', then six months from now you'll say, 'That isn't in the film at all - you told me it was...'

“I think we're at the stage where a lot of ideas are floating around that sound very good, but whether they make the final cut, who knows?”

Shooting on the new film was scheduled to commence at the end of this year with Daniel Craig back in the tux.

We're not sure how the delays will impact that time frame, but either way we won't be seeing another Bond until at least 2011. Stay tuned!

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