Bomb Drones have the Call of Duty community at war with each other

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 have a new Bomb Drone Killstreak, and it's tearing the community apart.

Earlier this month in March, both shooters received the Bomb Drone as a new Killstreak via a new update. It didn't take long for the Bomb Drone to become a topic of hot debate among the Call of Duty community at large, with streamers like the one below voicing grievances against it.

There's a serious amount of hatred for the Bomb Drone right now. While some players, like the one below, are arguing that the device is actually really fun to use, others write that it's "cheesy as fuck," and "one of those things I hate" about both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.

One saving grace about the Bomb Drones is that they're apparently really loud. Numerous players on the Warzone subreddit write that they can easily hear them coming, so if they can identify which direction the Bomb Drone is coming from, they can theoretically shoot it down before the device reaches them.

Call of Duty players routinely hate new things, it has to be said. A device like the Bomb Drone, which is primed to wipe out players and even entire squads, was always going to be a pretty controversial thing among the community, since it's something that can outright end a match for you if you aren't careful.

"Maybe make them a little bigger so they are easier to shoot for more people," writes one player that actually doesn't want to see the Bomb Drones gone, just changed for the better. The player also writes that you shouldn't be able to accidentally see through walls while flying a Bomb Drone, something that other Call of Duty players roundly agree on.

Elsewhere for the shooters, 2023's Call of Duty is reportedly a full game, and an extension of Modern Warfare 2.

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