Bloodborne attire guide

Madman Set

Can be purchased from the Bath Messenger after defeating the Forgotten Madman in a Chalice Dungeon.

Noble Dress

Found in Forsaken Castle Cainhurst. When you enter this large dining room, take a right around the long tables to find the dress in a chest along the wall.

Student Set

The uniform and trousers are found in Byrgenwerth. When you first enter the building proper, take down the Hunter inside and head up the curved staircase. Take a right and check the chest by the couches to find these.

Another set is found near the Lecture Building Lantern much later in the game. Exit the small room, turn right, and take the first open door on the lift. This small room links to a giant lecture hall, where you'll find the set among the chairs.

Tomb Prospector Set

The full set can be purchased from the Bath Messenger.

White Church Set

As you explore the Forbidden Woods, you'll reach this little village. Head toward the fire - watch out for the hidden pit! - then turn left. There's another trap past that open gate, so bear right near it to head up a hill. Continue this way past a lit-up house (have a chat with the owner if you like) and look for a house with a connected ladder. Climb this to the roof, take out the ravens, and grab the full set off the corpse up here.

Yahar'gul Black Set

This is found at street level upon exiting the jail beneath Yarha'gul Chapel. Make a left from the wagon - watch out for the tough blood-spitting enemies along the road. Head forward until you reach a small courtyard, then check the corpse atop the wagon for the full set.

Yharnam Set

You'll find the Rumpled Yharnam Hat and Sweaty Clothes after descending from the Healing Church Workshop. As you step into the street, look for an alley across from a lit door. You'll find the first two pieces of the set down here.

Yharnam Hunter Set

The full set can be purchased from the Bath Messenger.