How to find all the Bloodborne Caryll Rune locations and survive a bit longer

Bloodborne Caryll Rune locations

Finding Bloodborne Caryll Rune location can make a real difference to the game. These otherwordly perks boost vital stats, enhance your weapons damage and effects and mean you'll be able to survive longer and take down bosses easier. You can only equip three though so knowing which ones to find and which ones to use is a skill in of itself. 

Many Runes are found in chests or on corpses in different levels in Bloodborne. That means the best way to find then is to pick a rune you want and then set out for that region to collect it. 

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Isofeka's Clinic 


Higher Blood Vial maximum.

To reach the back end of Isofeka's Clinic, you must follow the cave path in the back of the Forbidden Woods' village. Once you’ve reached the clinic, follow the semicircular hallway to the far left to find this in a chest.

Oedon Writhe

Visceral Attacks grant Quicksilver Bullets.

You can also battle Isofeka herself in here. She'll drop this when defeated.

Cathedral Ward 


Higher Blood Vial maximum.

Found in Oedon Chapel. After defeating the Blood-starved Beast, a new door opens. Head through to find an elevator that'll take you to an upper floor. Take out the machine gun-wielding wheelchair enemy up here, then open the chest for your first Rune.

Formless Oedon

Higher Quicksilver Bullet max.

At later points in the game, the Chapel caretaker can die. He'll leave this Rune behind.

Formless Oedon

Higher Quicksilver Bullet max.

Also found in Oedon Chapel. Take the same elevator up, but roll off as it ascends to reach a rooftop outside. Follow this path as it loops to the top of Oedon Chapel where you'll find the Rune inside a chest.


Boosts effect from transformation.

When you cross the bridge from atop Oedon Chapel into the Healing Church Workshop, head around the perimeter to the right instead of going inside. Follow the ledges here to reach a lower entrance into the tower. It's a long way down, so carefully work your way across the beams and catwalks to reach the ground. A tough-as-nails werewolf enemy hangs out down here. Take him out to earn the Rune.


Visceral attacks gain more blood echoes.

Obtained from helping Eileen the Crow defeat Henryk.

Hemwick Charnel Lane 


Increases defence.

When first exploring the region, you'll find yourself on some rooftops overlooking the water (you'll probably spot this in the distance). When you reach solid ground again, follow the path back toward the water and step out on the cliff to find this dangling over the edge.

Forbidden Woods 

Clear Deep Sea

Increases slow poison resistance.

Deep in Forbidden Woods, you'll reach an area filled with snake clusters. If you head uphill near the river, you'll encounter a larger version. Take it out, then check behind the large tombstone it was guarding for this Rune.

Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis

Boosts max Stamina.

Near the previous Rune is another large snake cluster in the riverbed. Look near him for a small ledge you can drop to. Head down and follow the ravine, taking out the freaky bulb-headed enemies along the way. When you see the two telekinetic ones, take them out and examine the nearby corpse to find this.

Deep Sea

Increases frenzy resistance.

Instead of dropping into the ravine, you can move forward and head downhill. Take a left when you hear hissing to find two big ol' snake baddies. If you can take them out, you can grab the Rune they're guarding.

Dissipating Lake

Increases Bolt defence.

If you continue down the ravine from the Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis Rune, you'll come to a large swamp. Bear right to encounter one of the large pig enemies. Take him down, then move ahead to where the swamp forks. Take the left path - the one under the tree roots pictured above - to find this Rune guarded by some crawling enemies.

Clockwise Metamorphosis

Boosts max HP.

Continue to the swamp to encounter another pig just before these dual fires in a fenced area. Head uphill from here and continue up the long set of steps to a gate. Open it, take out the snake-headed enemy beyond, and examine the nearby body for the Rune.

Blood Rapture

Visceral attacks restore HP.

Obtained by defeating the Shadow of Yharnam.


Arcane Lake

Increases Arcane defence.

You'll find this just as you reach Byrgenwerth. Follow the path around the left of the fortress, then head up the hill toward the lone tree. The Rune is along the wall here, defended by a Cthulhu-like enemy.

Yahar'gul, Unseen Village 


More Blood Echoes gained from visceral attacks.

This Rune is found just a little ways past the Yahar'gul, Unseen Village lantern. Head down the stairs and take a left. The staircase here is guarded by a large number of enemies. Fight your way through to a little jail cell area, then proceed outside. Head down the stairs and through the busted wall into a second jail area. Follow the room as it moves around the perimeter to find this Rune up against the cell bars.

Clawmark & Moon

Strengthens visceral attacks. Acquire more Blood Echoes.

Both of these Runes are inside the Yahar'gul Chapel. After reaching the main floor, you'll be attacked by a trio of hunters. One drops the Clawmark Rune, and the other can be picked off the corpse in the middle of the room.

Arcane Lake

Increases Arcane defence.

When you exit the jail below Yahar'gul Chapel to street level, turn right from the large wagon. Near some blood-spewing enemies and a pyre, you'll find this on a corpse.

Upper Cathedral Ward 

Great Lake

Increases all defence types.

This is just past the lantern. Turn right at the large golden gate and fight your way past the little slug guys to find it on the ground.


Higher Blood Vial maximum.

Obtained by defeating the Celestial Emissary.

Lecture Building 


Higher Blood Vial maximum.

This is found on the second floor, accessible only via that lantern. Make your way around the perimeter of the building until you spot this large enemy. Across from him is a door that leads to a classroom. Head through, cross the balcony, and enter the small room on the other side. There's chest inside holding this Rune.

Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis

Boosts max Stamina.

Now head back to that large enemy. He's guarding a ladder to a locked room on the first floor. Take him out and head down there to come face to face with a spider-man. Not the superhero, but a truly creepy dude. Talk to him to receive this Rune.

Nightmare Frontier 

Fading Lake

Increases fire defence.

Voyage out from the lantern until you come to this distinct green lamppost. Just ahead is a hill that runs on the left side of the valley. Follow it up and drop to a second hill; follow this up to find the Run on a corpse.

Clear Deep Sea

Increases slow poison resistance.

At the bottom of the Nightmare Frontier is a large poison lake. Look for this little passageway you can enter, then follow it uphill. You'll find a boulder-throwing enemy and the Rune here.

Nightmare of Mensis 


Make additional discoveries.

Found near the Mergo's Loft: Base lantern. Follow the path to encounter a few boulder-throwers along the cliff. A pair of them guards this Rune.


Acquire more Blood Echoes.

You can find this during or after the battle with Micolash, Host of the Nightmare. When you reach the large staircase, head down. At the very bottom, past all the baddies, is a corpse holding the Rune.



Continuous healing when near death.

Obtained by joining the Vileblood Covenant.


Increases stamina recovery speed.

Obtained by joining the Hunter of Hunters Covenant.


Increases HP recovered from Blood Vials.

Obtained by joining the Executioners Covenant.

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