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BLOG And Another Thing

The sixth book in the Hitchhiker's series will be And Another Thing... written by author Eoin Colfer, well known to SFX readers as the writer of the great Artemis Fowl books. Blogger Steven Gaythorpe has read some of this new title, and was inspired to share this thoughts:

And Another Thing...

My emotions were mixed. It felt strange that someone should continue Douglas Adams' epic work, and I had read the first of Colfer's books and wasn't blown away. But then I thought "sod it" I'm about to read something very few people have at the moment. Woo-hoo!

This is a personal article by Steven Gaythorpe . Are you looking forward to this book? Perhaps you've read an excerpt already and would like to share your thoughts. You can read more about And Another Thing... in a future issue of SFX, but in the meantime your opinions are welcome below as always.