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BLOG True Blood 2.07

Blogger Kell Harker squeals like a shapeshifting piggy about True Blood episode seven. [WARNING: Contains spoilers!]

2.07 “Release Me”

Written by Raelle Tucker
Directed by Michael Ruscio

Blogger rating:

THE ONE WHERE Sookie and Hugo remain trapped in the church basement; Eric and Lorena continue to reminisce; Jessica and Hoyt cuddle first and have sex later; Sarah gets a bit too clingy so Jason attempts to sneak away from the Light of Day retreat; Daphne gets gutted like a pig.

VERDICT Andy Bellefleur has some hilarious moments especially the opening scene of the episode when he’s chasing after Daphne (she has shifted into the pig) through the woods, taking a face-plant into the ground and yelling, “Piiiiiiiiiig!”. Another funny scene is at Merlotte’s when he confronts the town for being “zombies”. But however silly Andy’s character may be, other than Sam he’s the only one in town who hasn’t been so easily seduced by Maryann. Although Andy is a bit of a goofball, being a detective he may figure out that the mass drunkenness and debauchery is Maryann’s doing and try to stop her. With all the big players still in Dallas, could Andy be the one who rescues Bon Temps from Maryann’s power of persuasion before everyone shags each other to death?

Lafayette seems to be getting some of his “pizzazz” back, thankfully. His character has flatlined ever since he was traumatized by Eric, and his flamboyancy is definitely missed.

Someone who I won’t miss is Daphne. The only time I found her character interesting was when she had shifted into a pig and was being chased by Andy Bellefleur. Thank goodness Maryann’s minion (Eggs) cut out her heart - she had it coming. The one good thing about Daphne’s character is that before she died she revealed to Sam everything we’ve ever wanted to know about Maryann (except how to kill her.)

Lorena and Bill remember their bad break-up in another well-done flashback moment. But the most important part of the scene is at the beginning when Bill is reading a book about ancient Greek gods and monsters. Lots of good can come from book readin’ so perhaps when Bill and Sookie return home he’ll know how to kill Maryann.

The most intense scene is when Sookie is almost raped by Gabe. It was a scary moment to watch and with Bill not being able to come to her rescue, it’s a good thing that Godric was there. The members of the Fellowship of the Sun seem to be getting more and more monstrous every week.

FAMILY GAME NIGHT “Jesus Christ Vampire Exterminator” and “Send them Back to Hell” are the wholesome board games that Sookie finds in the church basement at the Light of Day camp. I enjoy a game now and then but I’m more of a “Risk” fan...

ADD IT TO YOUR iPOD “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis is the song that sets the mood for Jessica and Hoyt.

VAMPS 101 Interesting and gross fact about vampires in this series: if they don’t take time to sleep they’ll start to bleed-out from their eyes, ears, and nose.

GREEK MYTHOLOGY 101 Maryann is a maenad. And this is where that Greek Mythology University class I spent hundreds of dollars on is going to finally pay off: a maenad is a female follower of Dionysus, the god of wine. Maenads are pretty much the life of any party - a bunch of real ravers.

“Jason, I thought I loved Steve, but I never even knew what love was until you just showed me.”
Jason: “Wow, that's uh.. intense.”

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