BLOG The Red Panda Adventures

Recently, author Gregg Taylor and artist Dean Kotz put out a three-part story, Mask Of The Red Panda, through Monkeybrain Comics. Monkeybrain is the most interesting, versatile digital comics publisher on the planet right now and it was a perfect fit. The story opens with an impossible crime and draws The Terrific Twosome of Toronto into a story that includes the supernatural, science and good old fashioned corruption. It’s great fun and is available here .

Response to the comic’s been good and now Monkeybrain is now running a Kickstarter to combine it with the radio cast. The idea is to create a video comic (not a motion comic, because, as they put it, “that’s a code word for bad animation”) but a comic that combines the artwork with the voice cast from the show in a smart, fun way. They’ve got some great rewards lined up too:

• $10 – Gets you a high quality download of the video comic

• $25 – Gets you the download, a PDF pin-up, your name on the thank you page and an official position as an agent of the Red Panda complete with agent number.

• $40 – Gets you everything at the $25 level plus inaction figures! Or original art, cut-out paper miniatures of a huge amount of Red Panda characters depending on how you want to look at it.

It’s a great idea for a great show that’s a must-listen for superhero fans or anyone who likes Indiana Jones or The Shadow style pulp adventure. So activate your signal watches, and stand by for justice!