BLOG Being Human Gets Online Game

SFX Blogger Narin Bahar reveals how this is your chance to roleplay as a ghost, a vampire or a werewolf

Facebook games are the kind of real-life modern zeigest-ish type things you can imagine Annie, George, Mitchell and the gang discussing in Being Human (and who can’t imagine Annie spending hours off-screen tending her crops in Farmville?), so it's somewhat ironic that we can report the show itself is to become the subject of a Facebook game.

Toby Whithouse's much-loved show has always been very internet friendly, with the community based around the BBC’s Being Human blog, active Facebook and Twitter feeds and web spin-off Becoming Human doing much to raise the profile and popularity of the BBC3 breakout hit. The new game, which has been created in conjunction with Whithouse, uses scriptwriters from the show to create storylines and dialogue within the game. Creators Zodiak Active say the free-to-play title – in which, of course, you can play as a ghost, werewolf or vampire – will include role-playing and social elements and allow people to make real-cash micro-payments for in-game goodies.

Rob Pursey, MD of Touchpaper Television, said: “The game takes Being Human into a whole new dimension. It’s been a genuine creative collaboration with Zodiak Active, so I’m confident that fans of the show will really warm to it.”

So will you be playing the new game when it launches later this year? And what other sci-fi and fantasy shows would you like to get the Facebook game treatment? Have your say in the comments below...