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David Lloyd is one of the most famous and distinctive British comics artists, with a career than spans Nightraven , Doctor Who , V For Vendetta and Hellblazer . Now he’s embracing the digital age with a new online venture, as Stacey Whittle finds out…

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To start could you tell me a little bit about Aces Weekly

I always wanted to do something about putting comic art on the computer screen, 1) in some experimental manner, exploring what could be done with it that avoided the unaesthetic values of most ‘motion comics”, and 2) as a simple means of distributing great comic art, using the screen as an alternative to paper. I was attracted to the ease in which this could be done too; just get a bunch of folks together to tell their stories and put them all together to distribute though the internet. No print, shipping, warehousing, and retail costs, and then the income from it can be split equally between all creators of the product. Go straight to the buyer from the drawing board!

Aces Weekly seems to be bringing together the great British anthology, of which I’m such a fan, and the digital medium – is that amalgamation a challenge?

“Nothing practical in problem terms, re collating and production. Technically it's reasonably easy to fit the art into the website from which it is accessed by customers. And the benefit of great comic art on screen is that it is never affected by poor printing or poor colour reproduction: what the creator intended is what you see. AND try connecting your iPad to your big plasma TV: it's luminescent and amazing, the way this great art deserves to be seen! We're still happy being small, though – but not TOO small: we're not for phones.”

What are the biggest benefits of the digital format?

“Ease of production, no unnecessary and draining costs, nothing to take away money from the creator just to get it to buyers. We just go from point A to point B at the touch of a button. No-one has to try to find a comic store or bookstore to get it. It never ends up in a back-issue bin; it's always available to buy. And subscribers always have access to it. They don't have to find shelf space for it either!”

Warning: video contains flashing images

Are there any cons to publishing this way, would you recommend it?

“Secondly, there is definite resistance to moving away from paper from very many comic readers, which is also a barrier in our way. When those problems lessen in effect, I'll happily recommend it!”

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What have been the highlights so far for you?

There have been some amazing creators attached to Aces Weekly . Have most people embraced the digital aspect, or have you had to convince anyone about the format?

“One creator wasn't sure about the landscape format at the beginning but he soon found it liberating. There's an airiness about that space; portrait can be restrictive. For myself, I always looked at it in simple terms: as a double spread – a centre-spread – that you can get a lot out of in storytelling space.”

What does the next year hold for Aces Weekly ?

“More growth in on-going subscriptions, wider audience, and less resistance, hopefully, in the face of the fantastic value and variety we offer that is unequalled in any other quality presentation of comic art you can find anywhere, in print or out of it.”

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