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Blastermind: Now With Highlightable Answers

So you can still play along with the SFX weekly quiz if you want to…

Y’see what we’ve given you is the film’s company ident. But as you probably know if you've been to a film in the last 20 years, these days those company idents aren’t as sacrosanct as they once were. Many directors take advantage to theme the idents to fit in with the feel of their films (or maybe they just like messing around with the boss’s toys). And that’s what we’ve given you here – a series of doctored company logos.

So, can you identify the films they come from? We’ve chosen ones with certain clues, though some may not be as immediately obvious as others. All of them are mainstream – no tricksy Patagonian art house movies about robot moles or anything.

As usual, as its Monday we've now added the answers, but on each page you'll need to highlight the area after it says answers to read them (that way Johnny-Come-Latelys can still play)

Company Ident 1


Company Ident 2


Company Ident 3


Company Ident 4


Company Ident 5


Company Ident 6

Answer: Spy Kids 2

Company Ident 7

Answer: Lilo Abs Stitch

Company Ident 8

Answer: Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Company Ident 9

Answer: Minority Report

Company Ident 10

(You need to think laterally about this one and be unusually observant)