Black Ops Cold War Zombies trailer sets the stage for Mauer Der Toten launch

The latest trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies tours the Mauer Der Toten map and confirms that the new undead-killing experience will arrive July 15 bearing new zombies and weapons. YOu can check out our Cold War Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg guide to see what it all involves. 

The fast-paced trailer lingers on a few standout shots just long enough to give us some idea of what to expect. Some of the cooler features in the new map include a subway junction underground, a zipline overhead, and a variety of choke points ranging from cluttered city streets to watchtower footholds. 

New types of zombies pour through these and other areas, including some ominous glowing ones which seem to be extra aggressive and tethered to a necromancer-esque phantom. This certainly fits the trailer's exposition: "A portal has been opened, one that threatens to allow a long dead army to infect our world."

The good news is you'll have some new equipment and allies to help you fight back the horde. The most striking new toy is the pistol shown around 1:30 in, which fires red lasers in one clip – which you could easily mistake for an energy hand cannon from Destiny 2, of all things – and tracking explosives in the next, perhaps after changing modes or receiving an upgrade of some sort, assuming they are the same weapon.  

We've seen energy guns before, but there are some more surprising tools of destruction tucked into the trailer too. It looks like Mule Kick upgrade stations, which once gave players the ability to carry three main guns and which we haven't seen in Zombies for a few years, can be modified to function as makeshift turrets. And on top of a full-on mech suit, there's some kind of deployable robot ally in Mauer Der Toten, too. It seems you can free the robot Klaus – at least I think that's his name, though it's hard to make out through the electronic filter and ambient gunfire – to have him fight alongside you, which is a pretty cool way to add power scaling right into the map. Mauer Der Toten looks like another rip-snorting Zombies adventure, that's for sure. 

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