Black & White cheats


PC | Submitted by Max

Get Beliefs On Land 3

PC | Submitted by Bobbi713

Unlimited Food And Wood

The unlimited Wood trick also works to supply new buildings, especially the big "Wonders". Right after you set the scaffolds down, invoke miracle wood, zoom in to get a clear view, hover your hand over one corner of the scaffold,(not what will be the door when finished), then use the mega wood trick. You may have to try once or twice to get the right position on the scaffold, but your minion won't use up all the wood you just put in the village store and shop, and you can continue to build like a crazy person, (or your minion can)......Kewl?

PC | Submitted by SprYzeR

Change Your Creatures' Body.

In the Black and White directory, there is a map that's called Data, open it and search for the map Ctr.

Here are all the body's for your creature.

Just change the name of the file of your creature (if you have the tiger then it's btiger.CBN) into the name of the creature you want (like brhino.CBN) and you will get the rhino, also he will know all the things you learned your other creature!

PC | Submitted by MasterSeven

Unlimited Food And Wood

When having activated a wood or food miracle,

hold the Hand over the door of the village store . ( Not in the middle of it !! )

Then press the action button ( right mouse button ) very quick repeatedly over the Village stores door.

You get an insane amount of wood or food

( 20.000 )for very low mana costs.

Same thing with the workshop. click repeatedly over the door and you get very much wood.

With this you wont have any probs managing your villages.

PC | Submitted by Aaron (The Baron)

Change Your Creature's Look

Tired of having a dumb looking creature. Want a nice creature with a mean look? Or do you want a evil creature with a nice look to trick your enemy? Look no further! Follow these steps, and you will the creature of your dreams!

1. Go to your Black and White Folder. Click on the Folder "Data", and then the folder "CreatureMesh".

2. You will see files such as "CowGood", "CowEvil, "CowStrong", and ect. Make a backup copy of both alignment files of YOUR creature.

3. Now rename one of the files to the other (rename the evil file to good if you want a good creature with an evil look, or rename the good file to evil if you want an evil creature with good look).

4. Now move the "new" file over to the CreatureMesh and overide the current file.

5. Start up your game and you should have your brand new creature! Not only that but, he'll still act like whatever you want him too, and he will not have forgotten anything you had previously taught it.


PC | Submitted by Nemesis_425

April Fools Trick

During the game on april 1st (April Fools Day - You can change your computer's date to April 1st) your monster will leave smiley face foot prints in the groung instead of their regular foot prints. Enjoy.


PC | Submitted by MysticAeon

Cast Spells Out Of Your Power

To cast spells out of your area of effect, create a town center scaffold and move it somewhere just out of your area. When it appears it will have a small area of effect by itself. Now pick the scaffold back up and move it somewhere close to the town center and put it back down. When you have it at the area you want to cast spells, cast a spell and move out of the are of effect. As you can go a short distance from it you can cast spells far out of your main area of effect. I am not sure if this works if you have downloaded a patch.

PC | Submitted by Jakey


On level two when that woman asks for something unique to your creature something hot and something that howls in the night he wants a wolf which you can find on the beach next to the city. She also wants some poo from your creature and a rock or a tree that has been set on fire. Then you must protect it with the physical shield miracle but make sure the circle is in a precise circle. You will be give the zebra for your efforts!

PC | Submitted by Andre

Singing Stones

Well, it took me forever, but I finally did it. I figured out the tune to the Singing Stones on the second island. The key to this puzzle is to find two pipers walking around the island. Since there are 2 tunes you have to play, each piper is singing a different tune. One piper sings the tune that must be played during the day time and the other sings the tune that is played at night. Lets just number the stones left to right, 1-9. The day tune is 1 1 8 8 9 9 8 6 6 5 5 3 3 1

After you play that tune, it instantly becomes night. Then you play this tune.

4 4 4 4 7 6 6 4 4 3 4

If you have entered the tune correctly, the stones will create a ring of magic around them. When a dead body is placed inside the ring, he/she is brought back to life. But it only works temporary. Soon, the ring of magic will disappear and you'll have to re-enter the tune for it to work again.

PC | Submitted by Rammstein

Control Time

You can slow, or speed-up time in Black & White when you are in the game by simply; Holding down ALT and pressing 1(Slows time), Holding ALT and pressing 2(Speeds-up time). This comes in handy when youre in a jam, or if you need something built really fast! -Enjoy :D

PC | Submitted by The_Great_One

White Mushrooms

I'm not sure about the other types of mushrooms but the small white ones slightly increase the growth of your creature. Keep an eye out for them!

PC | Submitted by IJeViLz_serpent

Beat Any Creature Easy

To do this u have to get in a fight with a enemy creature (do this by the tying the leash of aggression to an enemy creature) zoom in to the battle (so u can control your creature) then keep tracing the star shape (u can see how its done in bottom right of screen) just keep doing it and your creature will que up its special attack which does major damage. if your creature keeps doing it without hitting the enemy creature and it goes out of the arena then left click anywhere to make your creature stop and move to were u clicked

PC | Submitted by Tom D

The Old Hermit

There are two ways to complete the silver reward scroll on land one with the old hermit. The evil way is to kill him, but there is a more difficult and good way. First of all, activate the scroll, go to the quarry and find the rock standing on its own with the miracle seed underneath, find it and the hermit will tell you that the fireflies turn themselves into miracle seeds at dawn. If you show your creature to the Hermit normally, the hermit will say he is small, if you look each morning for the miracle seeds and eventually find an enlarge creature one, take your creature fairly close to the hermit's house, use the miracle and then take your creature closer, the hermit will see him, you have now completed the task.

PC | Submitted by Noob

Miracle Steal

Want a miracle another village has? Here's a way to steal it. Get you Creature to go in that village and pick up the miracle. Then make you Creature go back in you village and make him drop it. Then you can use that miracle on the other village!

PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

Another Vortex

When your on the 2 island don't mind it when Lethys (the bad god) takes your creature and don't I repeat don't go through the vortex I know it will close up, but if you get all of Lethys's villages you can destroy his temple and then another vortex will come for good. This will give you plenty of time to put some food, wood, villagers, miracles and scaffolds.

PC | Submitted by zamlord

Get Skeletons Living In Your Village

If you want to get skeletons living in your village then you need two things: The teleport Miracle and to be able to kill people:

Step1: Kill someone [without using fireballs]

Step2: Make sure they're a skeleton [unless you want a zombie]

Step3: Make two teleporters.

Step4: Drop the person in one teleporter

Step5: When they come out they will go to sleep, let them heal themselves by sleeping and you will have a living skeleton.

If you want burnt humans then do the same thing as the skeleton but set fire to the human with a fireball and make sure they don't turn into a skeleton If you want an eternal fire then get loads of rocks in a pit and set fire to them, this will create a never-ending white flame. Note: don't blow up the rocks, the burnt humans may not work sometimes

PC | Submitted by kuppakawfy

Easy Prayer Power

Whenever you hear the game whisper 'death,' immediately press 's' to find the dead person in your village(s)(the dead person's label will be in white type). You can pick up the skeleton and drop it in the bowl at your worship site for an easy 5000 or so prayer power. The bonus is that the game doesn't count it as a sacrifice. You have more time to find the body if you haven't yet built a graveyard, and it's a good way to get your villagers back to work, as they stop mourning once you pick up the skeleton.

PC | Submitted by Paul Newman

Poisoned Food

If you pick up a mushroom any type will do, and place either using your creature or your hand and drop it in the food store of any village the food will turn green. Then when the food is eaten by the village with poisoned the poisoned food thier people will start coughing and will become green and this will kill everyone in thier village and you will get belive if you save them.

PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

Funny Names

Find the file names.txt in the game's directory and edit it with a text editor like notepad to make any names you want.

PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

Funny Trick

Here's an interesting thing, during the tutorial, when you conscience aren't talking, move your mouse in circles alot and the evil conscience will start spinning his head. ;)

PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

Slow Time And Fast Time

message: In the game press Alt+1 to slow down time and press ALT+2 TO SPEED it up.

PC | Submitted by Anonymous

3rd Level

This is just a quick way to end the third level! First find the guy at the base of a small cliff near your village. He will be sitting next to a small camp fire, saying things like "you cant harm me." You can play with him for a while by throwing him around. Once you get the hang of following him, you will notice that as long as your around him you have a area of influence around him, so you are free to cast spells or what ever. Through him for a while until you reach the enemies temple, once you have him at the temple drop him in the sacrificing bowl (as if you were going to sacrifice him). He will stay there and you can trash his temple by dropping rocks or casting spells. Once he doesn't control the villages by his temple, you can go around and impress the others.

PC | Submitted by GamesRadar


It s very simple - and very useful in the later "islands"

I used it on island 3 and 5 with great success - the trick is best suited for villages already "owned" by other gods!

First you get your influence limit as close as possible to the vilage you want to take over.

Now the choices:

You poison their food - and when there is nobody left in the village, you drop a villager you have into it - as a "missionary"!

When that happens you just impress him a little and... you got a village! but only with one villager but that s easily fixed.

Another way - building on the same concept - is to kill of the villager with lightning, fireballs or my favourite: THE MEGABLAST!

Then the same routine with a missionary&

PC | Submitted by Ratos

Land 4 Totem Trick

To finish the Undead Village you must raise the Totems. You can't impress the village with any tricks you normally use. You must place a village center next to each Totem. To do so you must move the village center repeatedly to the Totems by places them then picking it up and so on until you reach the Totems. To raise them you have to interact with it and pull them up. They will lower every time you let go of them. In order to raise both Totems at once (which you need to do!!) you must have your creature lift one at the same time as you do.

PC | Submitted by Your Creature

Creature Happiness

An easy way to make your creature happy is to go to the creature cave (hit f5) then give him/her a tatoo. if the creature likes the tatoo(s) he/she will smile or even grin. also when punishing you creature ( giving him/her a slap or two... or three) make sure it isn't next to anything or it could crash into it and hurt/destroy it.

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