BioWare releases totally new Mass Effect 3 Collector's Edition unboxing

Today (we checked this time, promise), BioWare has released a new unboxing video for the previously unveiled Mass Effect 3 Collector's Edition, which comes with a slew of goodies for prospective Commander Shepards looking forward to seeing off the Mass Effect trilogy in style.

Above: Check out the totally brand-new unboxing video

The Collector's Edition's included goodies are fantastic, and spread out fairly well between in-game items and tangible bonuses. The art book looks very interesting, as art books typically are, and the small lithograph will look great hanging in a cubicle, or wherever you want to be inspired. Though, while we're happy to get the physical bonuses, we're most excited about the prospect of getting new weapons to play through the game with. We're hoping that once we've loaded our characters up with awesome new gear they'll survive longer than they did in the Mass Effect 2 finale. Those poor souls, they never knew what hit them.

Oh, and the video shows off the new crew member: a robot dog! We're guessing it's going to be the only character aboard the ship that Shepard can't bed this time, but, then again, we said the same thing that about Tali in Mass Effect 2 (what with the mask and all)...

Hollander Cooper

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