BioWare is finally talking about Anthem again... to delay the game's first major event

Credit: BioWare

To say Anthem hasn't had the best post-launch support so far is like complaining about the drizzle during an acid rain storm in No Man's Sky. Following weeks of radio silence from BioWare, which has supposedly shifted focus to full development of Dragon Age 4, what remains of the Anthem playerbase have becoming increasingly aggravated by the studio's lack of communication - especially as the game's first major public event, The Cataclysm, is supposed to begin this month. 

That, amid rumours of Anthem free-to-play plans and the game's mysterious absence from EA's E3 2019 schedule, has put BioWare on thin ice amongst its community. But, the studio has finally come out to offer an update on where things are headed for its open world shooter. Unfortunately, the news wasn't all sunshine and rainbows.

Writing on the EA forums, Global Community Manager Jesse Anderson announced that BioWare was releasing a new set of Anthem Patch Notes primarily designed to prepare the game for its impending Cataclysm event, while also introducing a number of hot fixes addressing a number of bugs and balance issues. 

However, Anderson also admitted that "rather than rush [The Cataclysm update] out the door, we want to take time and get feedback from you and make changes based on what we hear", thus delaying the event to an unspecified future date, while also rolling out a Public Test Server on Anthem's PC version for players to test out subsequent updates in advance of their full release.

It's unclear when this Public Test Server will go live, but BioWare is holding its first developer live stream since the game's launch period today, at 12PM PST/3PM CT/8PM BST on Twitch, which will show off more from Anthem's next big update, and hopefully reveal details about when we can expect to play it for ourselves. 

"We do hope you’ll join us as we take this step towards a better Anthem", reads Anderson's blog post. Let's hope this "better Anthem" arrives sooner rather than later, otherwise there may be no Anthem at all come this time next year. 

The list of Anthem problems remains long and varied. Watch our 60 second review of the game below to find out some of the biggest gripes we found during our playthrough.

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